December 11, 2005



Us average runners approach Aina Haina valley as the stronger runners are already heading
back from the Hawaii Kai turn-around.  Time for my 20K reads 2:33; the winner has already
cross the finsih line about 20 minutes ago.  These runners returning have another 6  miles to go.



We reach the entry to Aina Haina Valley along this highway. Here the famous Doe Fang Icee store
is located in the shopping center.






Besides being the place where I grew up, Aina Haina's McDonald's is famous for



Here is what the computer chips tied to our shoe laces interact with.  Our times at this point just past Aina Haina are
recorded and visible worldwide on the Honolulu Marathon website.



A little Christmas cheer to cheer us on, just before Hawaii Loa Ridge.



We pass the 14 mile mark across Niu Valley between Aina Haina valley and Hawaii Kai, the largest East Honolulu
suburb with high priced properties.



15 miles - the Koko Head Creater is behind the sign



Ah, at last, Hawaii Kai , about the 15 mile mark.  Once in Hawaii Kai , there's about a 4 mile loop within the suburb before
returning back on the highway and heading back to Kahala shopping center.


When you gotta go, you gotta go.  Hawaii Kai entry.



Passing Kaupa Pond area of Hawaii Kai.  When our Easter chicks grew up, we dumped them here like
everybody else.



Condo city deep in the Hawaii Kai valley.  Only $400,000+ a  unit!



Ah, Suburbia, Hawaiian style.



Pray Jesus, 16 miles! Updown sign states "You are Heroes"



Spanish style homes in this area of Hawaii Kai. Stucco and ceramic tile roofs, cool.



Just a nice Sunday stroll through the suburbs.



What's this?  Encouragement with both Japanese and German flags!



As we get back towards the highway, there's the Hawaii Kai McDonald's



Kaiser High School cheerleaders from the Hawai Kai area boost our morale



We pass the Koko Marina area.  I used to live in one of those waterfront townhouses.  Shouldn't have sold! Now triple what I sold it for 10 years ago.



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