The Hotel location relative to the Starting/Finish line
of the San Francisco Marathon and the rest of Downtown

5 Embarcadero
Next to Ferry Building start staging area

Disappointment with the hotel - lovely atrium.  But no grace period for slower runners to go back to take
shower and change after strict noon checkout rule.  AFTER noon it's $75 late fee. After 2 hrs after noon,
runner guest have to pay for another full day, over $200. Since the marathon starts for slower runners (I 
was in starting "Wave 8") later, say 6-6:30 a.m., if I just made the time limit of 6 hours (which I thought could
be a scenario with all those rolling hills that SF is famous for), I'd make it to the finish line at after noon.  It
turned out, however, that I surprised myself and came in at 11 a.m., ample time to take a shower and check out
prior to noon. So I ended up retrieving my carry-on bag at the Bell Hop, then sneaking a change of clothes 
(for the air travel back to Honolulu that day), in one of the hotel's restroom toilet stalls.  It was definitely a
new experience, going from guest with luxury accommodations to feeling homeless and sneaking use of one
of the basement restrooms.  I just couldn't see paying $75 to take a shower.  As sponsoring hotel of the
marathon, probably having a hand in positioning the Start/Finish Line at its doorstep, you'd think Hyatt
would be more accommodating to the runners.  Evidently nobody thought these time frames out.  In fact,
when I checked in, red-eyed from a no sleeper night flight from Honolulu, the front desk didn't have a
clue where the starting line was.  Hey folks, how about a staff meeting prior to the big event so front line
employees know upcoming "most frequently asked questions" soon to bombard them. 


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