San Francisco Marathon 
August 3, 2008

Photo-documentation by the "Running Photographer," 
Rodney "Pygoya" Chang for
All images -   Rodney Chang Copyright 2008


Rodney meets Willerie Razote at 5:15 a.m. at the Hyatt Regency.  She's from Seattle
but now lives and works in San Francisco. Her goal is a finishing time of 4:15.  Rodney
just wants to get the pictures of the course and make the 6 time limit for the run.



Browsing the starting line; the runners start in waves according to projected finishing times.
The start is at Mission and the Embarcadero, close to the Ferry Building.



Other runners cheer the start of the first wave.



I'm off, passing the Ferry Building's clock tower next to the water, opposite the Hyatt Regency
where I stayed. It's the sponsoring hotel, close to the Start and Finish line.



Passing Pier 5




Throughout the course there's so many overhead trolley lines.




The start of the run is along the waterfront, passing the numbered piers; we're running towards famous Fisherman's Wharf.




Pier 39, famous tourist attraction




There in the middle is the infamous former federal penitentiary, ALCATRAZ Island.




Fisherman's Wharf - closed this early on Sunday; but later lots of demand for clam chowder, fish, and crab meals.




Next to the wharf




Famous pirate figure on the roof at the wharf




It's a calm morning in the Bay; about 58F at the start at 5:30 a.m. (we started at around 6 am), overcast for most of the run, no rain,
range of temperature for the entire run was about 58F-64F. Ideal running conditions.




Running towards  the Golden Gate Bridge





First hill.  Note the runners' power as Willerie and I joined the corral/wave of runners pacing for a 4:15 time.
She's doing fine, I'm keeping up but know I'm out of my league and won't make it with this group by the end of the race.




It's serene and tranquil this early at the bay.




At the top of the incline  we spot a part of SF's hilly city-scape.




3 mile mark, that's Willerie smiling at the lower left margin.




lst group of cheering spectators, some dressed in costumes.




Ah, thar she blows, lst sighting of the bridge as we near the SF side; it connects to Sausalito.




Up the incline to get to the bridge; it's the 5 mile mark.




Made it to the entry to the bridge!




I'm actually running on the famous Golden Gate Bridge!!!  If I"m dreaming, don't wake me up!





Half of the lanes were closed/coned for runners going both ways.




One end of the bridge; we ran to the Sausalito side, then ran back to SF side.




We move on, leaving the bridge, now back on the San Francisco side.

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