San Francisco Marathon 
August 3, 2008

My City Walking Tour
With thanks from my friend from SF, Willerie Razote

Photo-documentation by the "Running Photographer," 
Rodney "Pygoya" Chang for
All images -   Rodney Chang Copyright 2008

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Great sculpture in the Atrium of the Hyatt Regency where I stayed. It was the sponsoring hotel of the marathon and
next to the Start as well as Finish line.



Rising and descending elevator capsules visible from the Atrium below.



Shot from my room's 3rd floor walkway; sorta reminded me of the Lexor in Las Vegas



My room's window view - tents being set up for the next day's marathon finish line activities.



View from my room of the Ferry Building



Nice accommodations; sort of wasteful for I was alone but paying for two queen size beds.



Spacious bathroom too.



The Bay Bridge close to the Hyatt Regency.  Saturday, the day before the marathon, was more sunny and warm. The following day
we were blessed with overcast almost throughout the run (for me to 11 am), making it easier to run but not as good for photos.



Big bow and arrow sculpture along the Bay's edge.



Today's San Francisco impressed me with its contemporary urban downtown which was also
very clean to the eye.



Walking around...



But the city has its share of graffitti.



Which appeared to me to give the city its striking character was all the overhead powerlines for the trolley cars.  Usually I don't
 like overhead electrical wiring but in this case I think it added to the appeal of the city, adding to its 
character as it affirms the vitality of its trolley system in the present.



Here's Willerie, my tour escort for San Francisco.  That young woman is built to run marathons.  With proper training she can
easily qualify for the elitist Boston Marathon.  Look at those powerful running legs!



There's arts and crafts fairs every weekend in the Bay area.



I spot my first old fashion Trolly!



We take one to America's most famous Chinatown.



Interesting visual montage of architectural eras.






I love this photo!














Nice day for a day in the park.

Let see more of San Fran!