FEB. 1, 2009

Course Photo-Documentation

By running photographer Rodney Pygoya Chang
all photographs copyrighted 2009 by Rodney Chang

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No, not a UFO landing!

Starting line at the Superdome, home of the NFL New Orleans Saints and location of  last Feb.'s Sugar Bowl 
between the Hawaii Warriors and the Georgia Bulldogs




Security at Starting Line area




Readying for the start




"Thanks For Coming" 




Only Hawaiian to fly over for the marathon race flashes the Shaka Aloha sign




Waiting behind me





Waiting in front of me; Starting Line in distance under red lights above; temperature about 50F.




Approaching the starting line under the banner!




And I start running at last, after all day and night flying from Honolulu to San Fancisco to Denver to New Orleans.
(Started Thursday night, checked in at race registration Sat. afternoon, run started Sunday at 7 a.m.)




AT&T building




Run starts going through downtown towards the French Quarters







We enter the French Quarters - famous for jazz, rock, drinking, women, antiques and partying.




It's Sunday morning. Walking the streets the night before reveals streets packed with visitors and revelers on a Sat. Nite.
Music blared out from all the different business establishments.




We make our way past hotel of DESIRE







1 mile mark right in the French Quarters!





Lots of iron grill balaconies to drink and watch the crowds below.




Ahead, the distant  boundary of this historic section of the city.




A French Quarters photo opportunity for this visiting Hawaiian runner




On  Dumaine between Bourbon and Royal




A side street off the marathon course on Dumaine




Now we turn unto Royal Street of the French Quarters, here more antique
and art galleries than bars and restaurants like on Bourbon Street.


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