Photos by runner Rodney Chang
2013 Copyright Pygoya


Approaching Kailua-Kona town from the south













Tourist eating breakfast as they watch the passing runners















Run Forest, Run!
















Alii Drive Farmer's Market














Uncle Billy's - the cheapest lodging IN town.  You pay for what you get.








Historic church







Grabbing your attention with COLOR







Still early in the morning, 6 am something







(She wouldn't give me her number)







My wife was watching!








"I got a cramp too!"
















Arrow not for me as I am a full on marathoner








This is territory reserved just for the 26.2 milers







Sole full marathon route start after only 6 miles into the race








my favorite store on route







The Ross Marathon, I fantasize








Behind the big boxes








Where I got my running shoes








at 7 miles you can go shopping







Energetic bunch







Glad to finally get to the serious stretch of highway towards the airport










My favorite Kona marathon shot







This is where you knock of the long, lonely miles







Just checking - BUZZ






It's Halloween!







"Howsit, Brudda?"







Tops for women - 2:51 finish!   Polina Babkina, of Honolulu HI, earned the women's title as she finished in 2:51:53. She was also third overall

Leader of the women's division.  Awesome power







9 miles






"You look like you need a drink."







Thirsty runners







10 miles completed











Keep on Running