UCC Coffee Kona Marathon 2011
June 26, 2011


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Nice day, overcast and slight breeze most of the way so it helped make it not has hot and humid as in 2007
Medal is the same design as 2007; 305 full marathoners



See you at the finish!






5:30 am start from Keauhou Beach Resort hotel





Erlinda makes 5K turn around back to hotel's finish line


















Stayed at Uncle Billy's









Ross wasn't there in 2007 run; only 2 years old here said one of the volunteers on the course





New route in this segment of race; running inside new shopping center premises





Half marathon turn-around at the shopping center





Unto long Queen Kaahumanu  Highway from shopping center on Makala





7 miles













Only 1 mile from airport but will turn left off highway at  O.T.E.C. Road and go to sewer treatment plant





Marathon turnaround





Volunteer at turnaround





This is the predominant landscape of the Kona run- lava fields; note vog blocking  Hualälai Volano  in background





Sometimes beach on other side of highway; rarely white sand like here but black rocks





14 miles one way going back, 12 going towards turnaaround; on O.T.E.C. Road





Almost out of the sewer treatment loop and back to the Queen Kaahumanu Highway 





High even at this point as enter highway that out of tsunami evacuation area





Runner with bad cramps on highway - about 15 miles out





Something wrong with disposable cameras, missed couple mile markers at lower margin of photos; thnk this is 15 miles





Roadside memorial to "B. Walsh"





Don't know if this participant made it all the way but he's made it up to here at 16 miles





Caleb Westfall of Waikola, HI, finished in 8:16 (completing the full marathon on stilts!) -  no. 303 of 305 finishers
See Caleb doing the marathon




17 miles





 Kaloko-Honokohau National Historical Park is located at the base of Hualälai Volcano, along the Kona coast of the island of Hawaii; it is 3 miles north of Kailua-Kona and 3 miles south of Keahole-Kona International Airport, along Highway 19 (the Queen Ka`ahumanu Highway). 

 Park was established for the preservation, protection, and interpretation of traditional native Hawaiian activities and culture. It was the site of important Hawaiian settlements before the arrival of European explorers. It includes coastal areas, 3 large fishponds, a house site, and other archeological remnants.





Wife erlinda so nice to meet me at 19 mile mark; first tinge of cramp but never did cramp!
Came up to here in 4 hrs. with 7 miles to go; ended up 5:49





She's such a great supporter; gives me the Shaka aloha greeting sign





Back to shopping center; will to left, then down to an entrance, then around where these runners are, heading behind the buildings;
glad to be leaving the long miles of the highway with relatively no buildings and mostly lava fields





Behind the building; I believe the sign read "20 miles"





Road kill; huge, ain't it?  Car or marathoner shoes?





UFO Parasil - so gotta be back in town; think this is on Kuakini Rd


Keep on Running