September 2, 2012
Course photos by marathon participant, artist Rodney Pygoya Chang of Honolulu & Volcano, Hawaii



Island-style, country living





Back to sleep




Wonderful local folks cheer us on




I love Italian Cypress!!!!  So did Vincent VanGogh





There'll be other cute dogs along the route that are also taking in the marathon sights





Electronic check in at 9 miles




Family portrait



Another family portrait




Water spray if you want one




Simply water or on the rocks?




Nice sense of design




Yuck, more runners... where's the sheep?




Now flat or declining- and still nice and cool












"Live Life To The Fullest" - include a marathon!




Kauai is recognized as one of the most scenic American marathons




Did they drum up the rain showers?




Palm grove




Here's where we divide the roosters from the hens




Suddenly the road is not as populated by runners









I'm not even half way home and here comes the leader of the pack; will finish with a 2:24 or so - fantastic with all these hills
(about 50 times more hilly than the Honolulu Marathon, in my opinion)




Was 2nd at the moment




Another long incline upwards to Koloa ridges




Strong lst woman, finished I believe 5th overall; that's what a sub-6 minute mile looks like.












Even dozen going upwards