The Inaugural 2009 KAUAI MARATHON
- a marathon of hills and hula girls
A Webist Online Exhibition derived from a marathon runner's photo-documentation of the 26.2 course route of Hawaii's 
"Garden Isle" - Po'ipu Beach - Koloa/Oma'o/Lawai/Kalaheo
I invite you to virtually run the course and see it through an artist's eyes - Dr. Rodney Pygoya Chang
for  and Truly Virtual Web Art Museum






At the Starting Line with wife Erlinda





In the dark before the 6 am start





Rodney Chang with torch bearer at starting line










Dawn breaks behind a ridge





1st mile mark, still dark





lst Aid Station





2 miles






That's 3





Roadside support





Leaving Poipu Beach resort area, heading north










lst hula troop encountered





-RASH can





(men are in the bushes?)





It rained for a short spell at the start and would do so about 5 more times during my race time.  
The cloud cover was welcomed by most runners.





It's a rural run













Bare-footed Hula girls!









Just 20 miles to go


















Keep on Running

all photo/art   2009 copyright Rodney Chang