November 7, 2009

Course Photo-documentation by runner Rodney Pygoya Chang
Copyright 2009 by Rodney Chang


Looking down from the Westin Hotel, runners heading to starting line to the left side of photo. Start is at 8 am
for both Full and Half (did half because had to be in Bloomington by car by noon).  It was an unusually nice mid-
fifties F degrees at the start and by 10 am in the low 60s F.  The hotel is convenient as it was only 2 blocks from
the start as well as the finish line.



At the Starting Line




For this 2nd annual Monumental, around 6,000 participated




We're off and here's my supporting wife and daughter (we drove straight from the Finish Line to Bloomington- an hour's drive- 
to attend the Indiana Hoosiers  vs. Wisconsin Badgers football game at Indiana University where she is a freshman)




Her shot of me




My own stationary shot, then back, off and running!




The start and finish is close to the state capitol (on the left)



State Capitol



Passing the Westin where we lodged



The Hyatt is close to the Westin; it's a side street along the running course.



Different eras



Another pedestrian overpass (especially useful for harsh winter weather)





Home of the Indinapolis Colts!



Old train station



Under an overpass



That's star Peyton Manning, No. 18,  on the wall





Yes, I am a Colts/Manning fan



1 mile



Hint of Christmas around the corner



Running under Madison Avenue







We return towards the stadium on a loop along Capitol, McCarty, South and Delaware



2 miles

Keep on Running