The Seventh Annual
Dallas, Texas
April 11, 2010

Getting about- from the Raddison Dallas Central hotel by Dart mass transit;
from the Dart's Mockingbird Station to downtown Pearl Station to Fairway Park
& the Cotton Bowl & back


















Dinner Sunday night after the morning run




Tilapia with taco dressing




front of the Raddison Dallas Centra





direction to go to the Dart train station
























Dart station





Mockingbird station looking South towards downtown





Film center and theatres





There's a film festival awards ceremony going on
























Get off at downtown Pearl Station; catch the MTL Green Line to Fair Park




Original Dallas High School?




















Interestingly the Big -D Texas Marathon did not include any urban city scenery




















Goes to Fair Park and the Cotton Bowl; ride all day for $4












Baylor hospital




Fair Park, at Vietnam Memorial area




State flag of Texas
























































Natural History museum




Swan Rides
























Where the marathon ended; later in the afternoon
























Back out front of Fair Park, approaching the Dart Station going back towards downtown
















Green line to Victory Station passes Pearl station where I get off; take Red Line to Mockingbird heading North back to hotel




Several men ask for money around trains; heard 200,000 came to Dallas after Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005


























































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